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Our projects are global. But, working together with leading installers, engineers and systems integrators, we ensure that local expertise and support are always at hand.

$2.8 Trillion in Assets

For almost twenty years we’ve ensured the safety of assets and artworks in some of the world’s leading museums, galleries and private collections, of which the current combined value is almost three trillion dollars.

99.7% Retention Rate

Our world-leading system provides continuous product development, excellent customer service, discretion, and value for money—ensuring that our clients continue to put their trust in Fortecho.

Our Solutions


Fortecho is a comprehensive wireless security and environmental-monitoring solution designed in collaboration with leading art institutions. Suitable for museums, galleries, large private collections, office buildings, places of worship, and art in transit, every iteration of our system is uniquely tailored to the particular assets it is installed to protect. 

Enabling constant watchfulness using a variety of intelligent wireless sensors, Fortecho is a market-leading, fully-integrated solution for the protection of paintings, prints, display cases, sculptures and other valuable artefacts.

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Fortecho Lite is a scaled-down version of the museum-grade Fortecho system, suitable for residences, private collections, small galleries and temporary exhibitions.

A standalone, touchscreen solution, Fortecho Lite offers the same wireless, 24/7 monitoring of paintings, prints, display cases, sculptures and other valuable artefacts on a smaller scale.

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Our industry-grade security and environmental monitoring system offers our cutting-edge wireless sensors with increased durability and tracking options.

A rugged, weatherproof and flexible solution for the protection of high-value assets in factories, warehouses, server farms, office buildings and constructions sites across a wide variety of industrial sectors.

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Designed specifically to ensure the security and environmental safety of high-value assets on board luxury yachts and other large marine vessels, Fortecho Marine offers a similar array of cutting-edge wireless sensors to our museum-grade Fortecho system, expressly adapted to meet the particular demands of ships out at sea and at berth.

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Fortecho Solutions offers unparalleled experience in ensuring the safety and integrity of high-value assets, supported by the expertise of almost two decades in wireless ‘Active RFID’ monitoring. Our consultants will bring this proficiency to bear to assist you in designing and planning bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

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Our Approach

Fortecho Solutions offers a suite of systems specialising in the wireless protection of high-value assets. We design bespoke packages of fully-integrated hardware and software to create comprehensive cutting-edge security systems tailored to your needs.

Our “Active” RFID solutions protect assets in settings from museums to megayachts, from server farms to metal stockpiles, and from private collections to construction sites, the world over.


  • We only use the latest, proven technologies.
  • Each solution is tailored to directly meet your needs.
  • Regular quality testing ensures outstanding performance.
  • Our systems meet the most stringent security and monitoring requirements.
  • We continue to lead the market and work relentlessly to maintain our high industry reputation.

About Fortecho Solutions

Why sensors with changeable batteries are costing you money, time and could damage art.

In the art market, there are two main wireless sensor options (‘tags’):

• Ultra-long life with sealed casings.
• Shorter lifespan but with changeable batteries.

The question comes up time and again – which is the right choice? From conversations with curators, ...
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Fortecho is proud to support some of the world’s leading businesses, institutions, charities, foundations and private collections. Some institutions using our systems include:


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